Riley Winston Montgomery Randolph Keating

My first hint that Riley might be quite the character came when I received his new client questionnaire. What's your name? Why did your parents name you that?   Riley Winston Montgommery Randolph Keating. My father named me that because I live a very decadant life, one of Riley and I’m also a fan of Paul Keating who is Australia’s greatest ever Prime M[...]

Henry the Labradoodle

Adrian & Ella received their session as a gift from Ella's Mum back in October last year. It took us a while to find a suitable date since they live in Toowoomba and we were originally trying to find a time when we'd all be in Brisbane.  As the months went by and we got closer to Autumn I asked if they'd be happy to change our plans and have the session [...]

A Home For Shadow

It breaks my heart to think of senior dogs who've been abandoned by their people.  And it never fails to amaze me how forgiving and resilient they are, willing to love again so quickly when they're given a second chance.  For those of you who remember Sandy,  you'll know I got to experience first hand the joy an old dog can bring into your life.  And not jus[...]

Today he fell for the first time

Where I live the houses are close together, and there's only a chain wire fence in between my small yard and my neighbours.  I sometimes wonder if they can hear me talking to Henry and what they must think of the number of times a day I tell him I love him.  If I'm completely honest I also often wonder what HE thinks about the number of times a day I say it.[...]


When Larissa got in touch to book her session I knew it was going to be fun...we were talking about a 14 week old Daschund puppy called Kevin after all... but I had no idea just what a superstar this little pup would be! I squealed out loud when they arrived and Kevin came strutting across the carpark towards me. Then when he gave me the extremely advance[...]