Jime & Luna

This stunning girl is Luna. We met a couple of times to complete her session after our first attempt was rained out half way through. Luna is a shy girl who only has eyes for her Dad Jime. She looks to him for comfort and direction so it took a fair bit of roast chicken to encourage her to want to look at my camera. We started her session shooting from[...]

Cleo the Cuddly Cannonball

This is Cleo and her favourite person in the whole wide world, Sharon. Unfortunately  Sharon isn't Cleo's "mum" (though there is no question that she loves her as if she was).  Sharon is the wonderful woman who owns and runs Freedom Kennels, where Cleo has been patiently waiting for her forever family since late last year. In Sharon's words:   "Cle[...]

Big Frank : Making a Difference

Until recently, when I thought of a Therapy Dog the image that popped into my mind was of a perfectly groomed Golden Retriever sitting calmly next to its handler wearing a colourful bandana and exuding all those qualities we've come to associate with this beautiful breed. Calm, Affectionate, Patient (pretty sure anyone reading this who actually owns a crazy,[...]

Yesterday I had a brain fart

Why is that even when we know the right way to do something, we can throw all that knowledge out the window and do the exact opposite? If I had a client book a session and tell me that it was with two Great Danes (one of which is a boisterous,strong willed teenager) and one person, I'd make sure we did everything we could to maximise our chances of a su[...]

Why this is the best photograph I've taken this year...

Anyone who has experienced fostering an animal will relate to the feeling of joy and relief you have when your new charge first relaxes into your presence and home. I've heard people talk about the happiness of hearing the huge sigh that comes from a pound dog when they lie down inside on a comfy bed and realise they get to sleep in peace and warmth for[...]