Millie & Kit - a lifelong love

As I'm sure you've noticed, most of my clients are dogs so I was really excited about my shoot with Millie.  Kit & Millie have been together for 21 years and they have the most amazing relationship. Apparently Millie's real name is "Mildew" as that was Kit's favourite word when they first met. Luckily for Millie, Kit's mum managed to get her young daught[...]

Paxton & Courtney

Paxton is an adorable Schnauzer/Poodle cross who was so much fun to photograph. We started our shoot at his house, taking some candid shots of him in his favourite lounging spot on the deck, and playing with his beloved sponge bob toy. From there we headed to the beautiful Minnipi Parklands.  This is such an amazing spot, with lots of walking tracks a[...]

The 13 Project

Anyone who knows me personally or spends time on the Hairypants facebook page knows I’m passionate about helping animals in need wherever I can.  I’m not a hardcore “adopting a rescue animal is the only way to go" person,  I think there's a big place for maintaining the diversity of the domestic pet breeds through responsible breeding of the pure breed lines[...]

From the Beginning

It seemed only fitting that my first blog post would be about my first ever “real” shoot, and by real I don’t mean “paid” or “booked” – that was still a while off -  I mean that it was the first shoot I’d ever done that really “mattered” to the person I was doing it for. This shoot was special for so many reasons. That it was the first time someone had ac[...]