Get to know Kelly

Get to know Kelly

About Me

Hi There!

I’m Kelly Miller owner of Hairypants Photography.  Thanks for dropping by.

From an early age animals have been my passion.  Growing up we moved around a lot so it wasn’t always possible for us to have our own pets.  Looking back, I think this is what started my obsession with other peoples animals.

I was the child who would want to play with every dog, cat, horse, cow, guinea pig (you name it, I loved it) I came across.

My first point of call whenever we visited my Grandparents’ farm for Summer was always to go visit Poppa’s working dogs (against his wishes – “don’t play with the dogs, you’ll make them soft”).  I’d sit in the kennels with them covered in slobber and dirt, and loving every minute.

As a grown up, nothing much has changed.  Even though I now have Henry, my beloved Newfoundland cross and Lulu, the funny faced French Bulldog,  I’m still “that girl” at the dog park or cafe who has to pat every dog that comes my way… and the one who spends as much time playing with the host’s dog at a BBQ as I do chatting to my friends.

I truly believe that people are at their best when they’re with their pets, which is why I love what I do so much at Hairypants Photography.  Not only do I get to combine my two loves…photography and animals, but I get to meet amazing people with a true love for their furry mates.

Kelly x