Got questions?

Got Questions?

Got Questions?

Frequently asked questions, and some that have never been asked, but you might be wondering about!

Q. What sort and how many photos will I get to choose from?

You will receive 30-40 professionally edited images to make your print selections from.  The “style” of images will depend a lot on what we discuss at our pre-shoot consultation, but I always aim for a variety of different shots so you have lots of choice.

Q: I don't like having my photo taken, do I have to be in the pictures?

Its completely up to you if you’d like to be in the shots!  I’m just as happy to focus only on capturing fantastic images of your pets if you’d prefer to stay out of the spotlight.  BUT…having said that, I would hate for you to one day wish you had a beautiful image of the two (or three) of you together, so my advice is always to give it  go if you can.  I promise I’m not one for making you sit and smile cheesily at the camera.  I’ll most likely just ask you to play with or cuddle your pet like you would at home. Keep in mind that there will be a tonne of images of just your pets either way, so if you decide you don’t like the ones with you in them, you’ll still have heaps to choose from.

Q: My pet isn't very obedient...what if I can't get him to do what you want?

The last thing I want you to be worried about is having to get your dog to “do what I want”.  Yes, it’s easy when you have a dog that will sit, stay, drop on command but to be honest some of my favourite images have come from sessions where the dog was completely disinterested in me no matter how tasty my treats were!   I’ve had experience with dogs of all kinds, from super obedient border collies, to scared rescue dogs and everything in between.  I always go into a shoot with my ‘wish list’ of images, but more often than not it gets thrown away after the first 5 minutes.  That’s the fun of pet photography…and its MY challenge to overcome, not yours!!  Your job is just to relax and have fun with your furkids for a couple of hours. 

Q. What locations do you recommend for photoshoots?

The most important thing about choosing a location is that your pet is completely comfortable.  If your dog can be nervous in strange locations, then I recommend considering doing the shoot at your home or a local park that’s familiar (and obviously if your pet is a cat…we will definitely have the session at home – unless of course you have one of those rare cats that will walk on a lead, in which case we’ll go wherever you like!).  If that’s not a concern, then the location we choose will depend completely on the type of images you’re wanting to capture.  Parks and beaches are always a great option or using unique old buildings as backdrops can work really well for a more “urban” feel to your shoot.  If you’re still not sure about where you’d like to have your shoot, I can always help with recommending locations I know work well.

Q: What should I wear to our shoot?

Again, this is completely up to you and the “look” you want in your final images, but one thing I’d keep in mind is that you’re going to have these pictures forever, so maybe think about whether you’re going to want to be looking at those hot pink skinny jeans in 10 years time!  It’s all about you feeling comfortable…if you know you’d love to have images of you rolling around on the ground wrestling with your dog, then pants are probably a good option.  My photoshop skills are only so good, and removing visible underwear from an image is probably beyond my capability!

Q: Can I just get a USB with all my photos to print at a later date?

One of the things that makes custom pet photography so special, is that you’re not buying just another set of images that will after a couple of viewings sit and gather cyber-dust on your computer. I’ve lost count of the number of clients who’ve told me they’ve never printed photos from other photo shoots they’ve had (even their wedding!!!).   When you have a Hairypants session you’re receiving unique, personalised pieces of art that are beautifully presented and ready to be displayed.

So, yes you can purchase a USB of images, but I’ve specifically built my artwork packages so that it’s better value to also include a beautiful piece of finished artwork!  That way the control freak in me knows that even if you never print another image from that USB you already will have something beautiful to keep and display.

Q: My pet is old/terminally ill and can't really move around much, can we still have a photo shoot?

Absolutely!  I can work around whatever mobility levels your pet has.  If it means we have to take close up shots of your dog in his bed to make sure you have a beautiful image to remember him by…then that’s what we’ll do.  

One of the most amazing and humbling experiences I’ve had since starting Hairypants was being asked to capture images of my friend’s beloved dog Buster the day before they had to say goodbye to him.  We didn’t have the option of moving to a pretty location or positioning Buster in the best light…but we made it work and I will be forever grateful I was able to provide those images for my friends.  

I will always do whatever I can to help clients with terminally ill or senior dogs, even if it means we need to schedule a session for tomorrow to be in time!  If you have a situation like this, please call me rather than emailing though so we can work out a time quickly. You can call me right now if you like. 0412 973 558.

Q: I'm ready to book my Hairypants Session! What do I do now?

If you already have all your questions answered, and are ready to book, head over to my booking page to book your shoot!

Or if you prefer to book with me directly, go to the contact page to send me an email, give me a call on 0412 973 558!  

I look forward to meeting you and your furkids soon xx

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