It seemed only fitting that my first blog post would be about my first ever “real” shoot, and by real I don’t mean “paid” or “booked” – that was still a while off –  I mean that it was the first shoot I’d ever done that really “mattered” to the person I was doing it for.

This shoot was special for so many reasons. That it was the first time someone had actually asked me to photograph their dog, will always be memorable, but more so that this was one of my best friends in the world, and she had asked me to photograph their beloved boy Buster the day before they had to say goodbye to him.

I’d known Buster for 10 of his 18 years, he had been a massive part of three generations of their family, not to mention our entire circle of friends, so I knew just how hard this was for them.   Buster had been a part of their (our) lives for so long that it was almost incomprehensible to me that I wouldn’t see him again after this day.

The light was awful, Buster’s mobility and energy levels meant that moving to a better location wasn’t an option, but my job was to do whatever I could to make sure this day, and the love they held for this boy, was documented.  I will forever wish these photos were “better” but at the same time, I’m so glad I was able to do what little I could to provide lasting images of their beautiful boy.

I left that day in tears.  Tears of sadness for the loss my friends were about to suffer, tears of regret that my 2yr old godson may one day forget Buster, and tears of gratitude that I was able to photograph the love of one family for their beloved pet.

Run free Buster, you were loved xx